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Tiozzo Sergio

The firm of Sergio Tiozzo has been in the glass business since 1952. It has particulary developed the “Murrina” of Murano whose origin goes back to the time of the Phoenicians. The murrina owes its beauty to a very complex process of workmanship which requires many hours of work to succeed.
From 1990 the business has been carried by his soon Claudio who for some time had bee following in his father’s footsteps and taking an interest in the development of one of the oldest processes in glass making.
The firm Tiozzo does not produce only the “Murrina” but also a series of vases, glass panels, plates, mirrors, lamps, beads, varied jewelry and many other objects all made in “murrino” glass.
Claudio Tiozzo has partecipated in numerous shows and events, both national and international, always contributing with somrthing new. Thanks to his experience he has also had the change to carry out with great success several works on designs by famous designers and architects both italian and foreign.